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This website was first constructed September 9 2001! Its come a long way. And still more to come..
So have a look around, and enjoy!!

My first XJ

This was my first Jeep! A 1984 2 door basic XJ. I only owned it for a few months, and never did any work to it, as I soon traded it for my next Jeep!

My second XJ

This was my first attempt at accually building a Jeep. She was a sexy 1989 4 door XJ. Fully loaded, leather interior, and came with her own supply of rust! The most she ever got was a lift and tires, but it was FUN! A big thank you to Fountain Tire, and Zak!

My pride and joy!!

Here she is, my BABY! I have had her now for about 3 years, and she has brought me joy, and pain! Any Jeep owner will agree with me, it really is a Jeep thing ;) She is still an ongoing project, and is not even half way there, but isnt that always the way!

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