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1981 CJ7

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I got this sweet little red thing in 2002. She has become my pride and joy. In need of more TLC, right now she sits waiting for me!

A Before Shot

An After Shot

So far, the Jeep has had an intersting 2 years. She has only been allowed out a few times, due to her misbehaving so much. She has once again been grounded for the winter. Sad isnt it. She got out a couple times this year, and she was happy. She however did have a problem stopping, so she had to calm down. Unfortunatly she didnt calm down in time, for the season is now over.
Over the winter I think we will be building her a new work out area, so she can fix her body. She is kinda falling out and apart in some places. And of course working on the stopping part (she likes boy Chevs a little too much.. keeps hittin on them and all) and maybe some direction issues! Oh and she will need new boots. GAWD I think the list could go on!
AMC 304
727 Tranny
Dana 300
10/12 bolt Diffs
3:73 Gears
38.5 Swamper/Gumbo Combination.. dont ask
2.5 Suspension lift
Spring Over
Rancho 9000's
Steering Brace Upgrade
Cross-over Steering
A definate 20 footer...haha
lots of little do dads too